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SMS Packaging History

Learn about our history. Decades of Innovation in packaging history.


1979 – Production of hot bar sealer in Kalimati

CV. SMS was founded on this year by 5 "tjokro" siblings. Previously, the founder had already designed and manufactured packaging machines (manual hot bar sealer) at home. However, the demand was too high and there were not enough manpower to supply all those demands. Therefore they decided to build a small factory to be able to mass-produce the hot bar sealer. This product is still available until now called "ADMIRAL hotbar sealer".


1983 – Relocate to workshop in Bambe

First Factory was completed in Bambe, Driyorejo.


1984 – Production of first Gen Admiral Vertical Packaging Machine

First Automatic Packaging Machine : SMS Vertical Admiral. Analog system, heavy, lots of switches, everyone's favourite product. The local market absorb this product like a sponge.


1986 – Production of second gen Baron Vertical Packaging Machine

With the success of the SMS Vertical Admiral, comes the 2nd generation Vertical automatic packaging called SMS Vertical Baron. Built to improve the previous version after receiving many valuable feedback from our loyal customers. Sturdier, last long, able to withstand corrosive products like salt and fertilizers. Have 2 different packaging type : Center and 3-side.


1990 – Workshop expansion Stage 1

Baron type was a huge success, the response from market is very positive. Therefore we decide to expand the company to increase the workload that can handle the market's request. Bigger workshop, more manpower, more production throughput.


1993 – Production of horizontal packaging machine

First Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine. Asked to design and manufacture by one of our loyal customer in need. Built to package other things that are outside the range of product of Vertical Packaging Machine such as loaf of bread, wafer, pie, instant noodle, soap bar, any uniformly-shaped product.


1996 – Third gen Crown Vertical Packaging Machine

New Vertical Packaging Machine : SMS Vertical Crown as the 3rd generation vertical automatic packaging. Made fully digital with LCD Display. Monitoring the machine process and status become much easier. Maintenance process is shortened and troubleshooting become simple as every sensors and output devices can now be monitored from the display.


2002 – Workshop expansion stage 2, Fully Equipped with CNC from Japan

Further fortify the manufacturing capabilities by heavily investing on CNC products from Japan. One vertical packaging machine can be consisting of hundreds of parts and some of these parts need to be manufactured accurately with high precision. Therefore with the addition of CNC machines, SMS parts can be manufactured faster with higher quality and minimum waste. Further expanding the workshop size.


2005 – Second generation joined

2nd-generation of the founders started to enforce the company. This had a tremendous effect on the company ways of doing things. Generation gap made the value system shifted, from heavy emphasizing technical aspects become more balanced between technical, managerial and strategic aspect.


2007 – New office building, total area 1.8 Ha

Workshop had been renovated, improving production flow between manufacturing processes. Some of the rooms had been made more welcoming, because more and more customers are coming to visit the factory. Waiting room and receptionist in the factory are now exist. Meeting rooms were standardized and facilitated with better equipment.


2011 – Workshop expansion stage 3 with offices

Second workshop building has been erected next to the first workshop. This workshop had been built to facilitate special order from customers, special projects that is very specific and customized. Henceforth the name SPM/Special Purpose Machinery Department was made.


2012 – New laser cutting machine (Swiss made)

Further enhancing the manufacturing capabilities by purchasing a laser cutting machine from Switzerland. Boasting a 0.2mm accuracy and large range of versatility, design limits had been further pushed away. Curve, zig-zag, or any other shape in 2d-plane are now accessible and added to our designer choice of shapes to manufacture.

Marketing division has spread their wings further and able to cover more area, including Makassar. Joined in an expo and successfully attract and introduced SMS to potential customers there.


2013 – SMS Vertical Duke

New Vertical Packaging Machines : SMS Vertical Duke as the 4th generation vertical automatic packaging. Faster processor enabling the new product with better accuracy and simpler control. Using touchscreen display, more data can be monitored and more ease in modifying variables.

The SPM department had penetrated tobacco companies. End Labeling device and Cigarette Baller are now available to order in this department.


2014 – Jakarta Allpack Exhibition

New Vertical Packaging Machines : SMS Vertical Emperor as the 5th generation vertical automatic packaging. New modular design concept enables some devices to share a control which are exchangeable, which means when customers purchase many type of designs, the controller maybe the same and interchangeable. New weight based (as opposed of volume-based) measuring enables some devices to pack/can/fill based on weight.

New Vertical Packaging Variety : SMS Vertical Auger. Specifically built for powder. Higher speed and more accurate than traditional volume-based measuring system.

New design strands  : Checkweigher, Carton Erector, Robot Palletizer . Built as part of 1 line full automatic production solution.


2015 – Semi Automatic Weigher

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